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BioGrapher: Biography Questions as a Restricted Domain Question Answering Task
Oren Tsur, Maarten de Rijke and Khalil Sima'an
Proceedings ACL 2004 Workshop on Question Answering in Restricted Domains 2004.

The University of Amsterdam at the TREC 2003 Question Answering Track
V. Jijkoun, G. Mishne, C. Monz, M. de Rijke, S. Schlobach and Oren Tsur
Proceedings TREC 2003 2004.

Using Classifier Features for Studying the Effect of Native Language on the Choice of Written Second Language Words
Oren Tsur and Ari Rappoport
In: ACL 2007 Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Acquisition, 21 June - 30 June 2007, Prague, Czech Republic.

RevRank: A Fully Unsupervised Algorithm for Selecting the Most Helpful Book Reviews
Yosef Solewicz and Ari Rappoport
AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media - ICWSM-09 2009.

ICWSM - A Great Catchy Name: Semi-Supervised Recognition of Sarcastic Sentences in Product Reviews
Oren Tsur, Dmitry Davidov and Ari Rappoport
In: AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, San Jose, California, USA(2010).