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Kernel Methods for Smart Antennas
Angel Navia-Vazquez, M. Martínez-Ramón, R. Jordan and C.G. Christodoulou
In: Intelligent Systems: Techniques and Applications (2008) Shaker publishing , Maastricht, The Netherlands , pp. 467-482. ISBN 978-90-423-0345-4

Fast error estimation for efficient support vector machine growing
Angel Navia-Vazquez and Roberto Diaz-Morales
Neurocomputing Volume 73, Number 4-6, pp. 1018-1023, 2010. ISSN 0925-2312

New feature extraction approach for epileptic EEG signal detection using time-frequency distributions
Angel Navia-Vazquez and Carlos Guerrero-Mosquera
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing Volume 48, Number 4, pp. 321-330, 2010. ISSN 0140-0118

Approximate Kernel Orthogonalization for Antenna Array Processing
Angel Navia-Vazquez, M. Martínez-Ramón, L.E. García-Muñoz and C.G. Christodoulou
IEEE Tr. On Antennas and Propagation Volume 58, Number 12, pp. 3942-3950, 2010. ISSN 0018-926X

Adaptive Sigmoidal Plant Identification
Angel Navia-Vazquez and R. Díaz-Morales
Signal Processing Volume 91, Number 1, pp. 1066-1070, 2011. ISSN 0165-1684

Adaptive One-Class Support Vector Machine
Vanessa Gómez-Verdejo, Jerónimo Arenas-García, Miguel Lázaro-Gredilla and Angel Navia-Vazquez
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 2011. ISSN 1053-587X

Automatic removal of ocular artifacts using adaptive filtering and Independent Component Analysis for EEG data
C. Guerrero-Mosquera and Angel Navia-Vazquez
IET Signal Processing (accepted, pending publication) 2012.

Combination of Recursive Least p-Norm Algorithms for Robust Adaptive Filtering in Alpha-Stable Noise
Angel Navia-Vazquez and J. Arenas-García
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 2012.

Dimensionality Reduction For EEG Classification Using Mutual Information And SVM
C. Guerrero-Mosquera, M. Verleysen and Angel Navia-Vazquez
In: Proc. IEEE Int. Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing MLSP11, September 18-21, 2011, Beijing, China.

Parallel Semiparametric Support Vector Machines
R. Díaz-Morales, H. Molina-Bulla and Angel Navia-Vazquez
In: Int. Joint Conf. on Neural Networks IJCNN’11, July 31 - August 5, 2011, San Jose, California, USA.

EEG feature selection using mutual information and support vector machine: A comparative analysis
C. Guerrero-Mosquera, M. Verleysen and Angel Navia-Vazquez
In: 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS'10),, 31 agosto – 4 septiembre 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

EEG signal processing for epilepsy disease
C. Guerrero-Mosquera, A. Malanda-Trigueros and Angel Navia-Vazquez
In: Epileptic Seizures (2012) InTech - Open Access Publisher , Rijeka , Croatia . ISBN 978-953-307-737-6