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Constructing parse forests that include exactly the n-best PCFG trees
Pierre Boullier, Alexis Nasr and Benoit Sagot
In: International Conference on parsing technologies, 7 oct - 9 oct 2009, Paris France.

Robust dependency parsing for Spoken Language Understanding of spontaneous speech
Frederic Bechet and Alexis Nasr
In: Interspeech 2009, 6 sept - 10 sept 2009, Brighton, United Kingdom.

MICA: A Probabilistic Dependency Parser Based on Tree Insertion Grammars
Srinivas Bangalore, Pierre Boullier, Alexis Nasr, Owen Rambow and Benoit Sagot
In: North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 31 May - 5 Jun 2009, Boulder USA.