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Learning inclusion-optimal chordal graphs
Vincent Auvray and Louis Wehenkel
In: UAI 2008, 10 July - 12 July 2008, Helsinki.

Lazy planning under uncertainties by optimizing decisions on an ensemble of incomplete disturbance trees
Boris Defourny, Damien Ernst and Louis Wehenkel
In: ecent Advances in Reinforcement Learning Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 5323/2008 . (2008) Springer , Berlin , pp. 1-14. ISBN 5323

Tree based ensemble models regularization by convex optimization
Bertrand Conrélusse, Pierre Geurts and Louis Wehenkel
In: NIPS-09 workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning, 12-12-2009, Whistler, Canada.

Probability density estimation by perturbing and combining tree structured Markov networks
Sourour Ammar, Philippe Leray, Boris Defourny and Louis Wehenkel
In: ECSQARU '09: 10th European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty, Verona, Italy(2009).

Bounds for multistage stochastic programs using supervised learning strategies
Boris Defourny, Damien Ernst and Louis Wehenkel
In: Stochastic Algorithms: Foundations and Applications. Fifth International Symposium, SAGA 2009, Sapporo, Japan(2009).

Content-based Image Retrieval by Indexing Random Subwindows with Randomized Trees
Raphaël Marée, Pierre Geurts and Louis Wehenkel
IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications 2009.