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A Variational Approach to Semi-Supervised Clustering
Peng Li, Yiming Ying and Colin Campbell
In: ESANN2009, 23-25th April 2009, Bruges, Belgium.

Bayesian Unsupervised Learning with Multiple Data Types
Phaedra Agius, Yiming Ying and Colin Campbell
Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology 2008.

A Marginalized Variational Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Array Data
Yiming Ying, Li Peng and Colin Campbell
In: BMC Proceedings, July 2007, Evry, Paris.

Learning coordinate gradients with multi-task kernels
Yiming Ying and Colin Campbell
In: COLT2008(2008).

Learning the Coordinate Gradients
Yiming Ying, Qiang Wu and Colin Campbell
Journal submission 2008.

Inferring Sparse Kernel Combinations and Relevance Vectors: An application to subcellular localization of proteins
Theodoros Damoulas, Yiming Ying, Mark Girolami and Colin Campbell
In: ICMLA2008, California, USA(2008).