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Tracking the flu pandemic by monitoring the Social Web
Vasileios Lampos and Nello Cristianini
In: IAPR 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing (CIP 2010), 14-16 Jun 2010, Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy.

Weather Talk - extracting weather information by text mining
Vasileios Lampos
(2008) Masters thesis, University of Bristol.

Flu Detector - Tracking Epidemics on Twitter
Vasileios Lampos, Tijl De Bie and Nello Cristianini
In: ECML PKDD 2010, 20-24 Sep 2010, Barcelona, Spain.

Nowcasting Events from the Social Web with Statistical Learning
Vasileios Lampos and Nello Cristianini
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST) Volume 3, Number 4, 2011.

Effects of the Recession on Public Mood in the UK
Thomas Lansdall-Welfare, Vasileios Lampos and Nello Cristianini
In: Mining Social Network Dynamics (MSND) session on Social Media Applications in News and Entertainment (SMANE) at WWW '12, 16 Apr 2012, Lyon, France.

Detecting Events and Patterns in Large-Scale User Generated Textual Streams with Statistical Learning Methods
Vasileios Lampos
(2012) PhD thesis, University of Bristol.

On voting intentions inference from Twitter content: a case study on UK 2010 General Election
Vasileios Lampos
(2012) Technical Report. Computing Research Repository, Bristol, UK.

Nowcasting the mood of the nation
Thomas Lansdall-Welfare, Vasileios Lampos and Nello Cristianini
Significance Volume 9, Number 4, pp. 26-28, 2012. ISSN 17409705

Diagnosing flu symptoms with social media
Vasileios Lampos and Nello Cristianini
Natural Hazards Observer Volume XXXVI, Number 4, pp. 7-9, 2012.