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Radius-margin bound on the leave-one-out error of a M-SVM
Yann Guermeur and Emmanuel Monfrini
(2009) Technical Report. LORIA, Nancy, France.

Sample Complexity of Classifiers Taking Values in R^Q, Application to Multi-Class SVMs
Yann Guermeur
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods Volume 39, Number 3, pp. 543-557, 2010.

VC Theory of Large Margin Multi-Category Classifiers
Yann Guermeur
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 8, pp. 2551-2594, 2007.

HECTAR: A method to predict subcellular targeting in heterokonts
Bernhard Gschloessl, Yann Guermeur and J Mark Cock
BMC Bioinformatics Volume 9, Number 393, 2008.

Etude comparée des performances de SVM multi-classes en prédiction de la structure secondaire des protéines
Yann Guermeur
Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information (RNTI) Volume A-3, pp. 21-48, 2009.

Radius-Margin Bound on the Leave-One-Out Error of the LLW-M-SVM
Yann Guermeur and E. Monfrini
In: ASMDA 2009, 30 Jun - 2 Jul 2009, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Ensemble Methods of Appropriate Capacity for Multi-Class Support Vector Machines
Yann Guermeur
In: SMTDA 2010, 8 Jun - 11 Jun 2010, Chania, Greece.

A Quadratic Loss Multi-Class SVM for which a Radius-Margin Bound Applies
Yann Guermeur and E. Monfrini
INFORMATICA Volume 22, Number 1, pp. 1-25, 2011.

DCT-SVM based multi-classification of mouse skin precancerous stages from autofluorescence and diffuse reflectance data
Faiza Abdat, M. Amouronx, Yann Guermeur and Walter Blondel
In: ECBO 2011(2011).

A generic model of multi-class support vector machine
Yann Guermeur
International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems (IJIIDS) 2010.

MSVMpack: a multi-class support vector machine package
Fabien Lauer and Yann Guermeur
Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR) Volume 12, pp. 2293-2296, 2011.

Estimating the class posterior probabilities in protein secondary structure prediction
Yann Guermeur and Fabienne Thomarat
In: The 6th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics, November 2-4 2011, Delft, The Netherlands.

Hybrid feature selection and SVM-based classification for mouse skin precancerous stages diagnosis from bimodal spectroscopy
Faiza Abdat, Marine Amouroux, Yann Guermeur and Walter Blondel
Optics Express Volume 20, Number 1, pp. 228-244, 2011.

Combining Multi-class SVMs with Linear Ensemble Methods that Estimate the Class Posterior Probabilities
Yann Guermeur
Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods 2010.

Model selection for the l2-SVM by following the regularization path
Rémi Bonidal, Samy Tindel and Yann Guermeur
Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence 2011.

Cascading Discriminant and Generative Models for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
Fabienne Thomarat, fabien lauer and Yann Guermeur
In: PRIB 2012, 08 Nov - 10 Nov 2012, Tokyo.