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JASPAR, the open access database of transcription factor-binding profiles: new content and tools in the 2008 update
J Bryne, E Valen, M Tang, T Marstrand, O Winther, I da Piedade, A Krogh, B Lenhard and A Sandelin
Nucleic Acids Research Volume 35, D102-D106, 2008.

Genome-wide detection and analysis of hippocampus core promoters using DeepCAGE
E Valen, O Winther, A Sandelin and P Carninci
Genome Research Volume 19, pp. 255-265, 2009.

BayesMD: flexible biological modeling for motif discovery
M Tang, A Krogh and O Winther
Journal of Computational Biology Volume 15, Number 10, pp. 1347-63, 2008.

Improving on Expectation Propagation
M Opper, U Paquet and O Winther
In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2008, 8-13 Dec 2008, Vancouver.

Perturbation Corrections in Approximate Inference: Mixture Modelling Applications
Ulrich Paquet, Ole Winther and Manfred Opper
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 10, Number Jun, pp. 1263-1304, 2009.

Statistical Modelling for Ship Propulsion Efficiency
JP Petersen, DJ Jacobsen and Ole Winther
J. of Marine Science and Technology 2011.

Predictive Active Set Selection Methods for Gaussian Processes
Ricardo Henao and Ole Winther
Neurocomputing 2011.

Hierarchical Model for Ordinal Matrix Factorization
Ulrich Paquet, Blaise Thomson and Ole Winther
Statistics and Computing Volume 21, 2011.