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Learnability of Probabilistic Automata via Oracles
Omri Guttmann, S V N Vishwanathan and Bob Williamson
In: International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory, 8-11 October 2005, Singapore.

Surrogate Regret Bounds for Proper Losses
Mark Reid and Bob Williamson
In: ICML 2009, Montreal(2009).

Generalised Pinsker Inequalities
Mark Reid and Bob Williamson
In: Conference on Learning Theory 2009, 18-21 June 2009, Montreal.

Information, Divergence and Risk for Binary Experiments
Mark Reid and Bob Williamson
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 12, pp. 731-817, 2011.

Mixability is Bayes Risk Curvature Relative to Log Loss
Tim van Erven, Mark Reid and Bob Williamson
In: COLT2011, Budapest(2011).

Composite Multiclass Losses
Elodie Vernet, Bob Williamson and Mark Reid
In: NIPS2011, Granada(2011).