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The Metric Nearness Problem
J Brickell, I.S. Dhillon, Suvrit Sra and J Tropp
SIAM Journal Matrix Analysis and Applications Volume 30, Number 1, pp. 375-396, 2008.

Scalable Semidefinite Programming using Convex Perturbations
B. Kulis, Suvrit Sra and I. S. Dhillon
In: AISTATS 2009, Clearwater Beach, Florida USA(2009).

Online Blind Deconvolution for Astronomy
Stefan Harmeling, Suvrit Sra, M. Hirsch and Bernhard Schölkopf
In: ICCP 2009, San Francisco(2009).

Block iterative algorithms for non-negative matrix approximation
Suvrit Sra
In: ICDM 2008, Pisa, Italy(2008).

Text clustering with mixture of von Mises-Fisher distributions
A, Banerjee, I. S. Dhillon, J. Ghosh and Suvrit Sra
In: Text Mining: Classification, Clustering, and Applications Chapman & Hall/Crc Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series . (2009) Chapman & Hall/CRC . ISBN 1420059408