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Feed and fly control of visual scanpaths for foveation image processing
Giuseppe Boccignone and Mario Ferraro
annals of telecommunications - annales des télécommunications pp. 1-17, 2012. ISSN 0003-4347


Foveation-based processing and communica- tion systems can exploit a more efficient representation of images and videos by removing or reducing visual information redundancy, provided that the sequence of foveation points, the visual scanpath, can be deter- mined. However, one point that is neglected by the great majority of foveation models is the “noisy” vari- ation of the random visual exploration exhibited by different observers when viewing the same scene, or even by the same subject along different trials. Here, a model for the generation and control of scanpaths that accounts for such issue is presented. In the model, the sequence of fixations and gaze shifts is controlled by a saliency-based, information foraging mechanism imple- mented through a dynamical system switching between two states, “feed” and “fly.” Results of the simulations are compared with experimental data derived from publicly available datasets

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Subjects:Machine Vision
User Modelling for Computer Human Interaction
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