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Face Recognition Using Semi-supervised Spectral Feature Selection
Zhihong Zhang and Edwin Hancock
In: 21st International Conference on Pattern Recognition, November 11-15, 2012, Japan.


Semi-supervised learning is important when labeled data are scarce. In this paper, we develop a novel semi-supervised spectral feature selection technique using label regression and by using $\ell_{1}$-norm regularized models for subset selection. Specifically, we propose a new two-step spectral regression technique for semi-supervised feature selection. In the first step, we use label propagation and label regression to transform the data into a lower-dimensional space so as to improve class separation. Second, we use $\ell_{1}$-norm regularization to select the features that best align with the lower-dimensional data. Using $\ell_{1}$-norm regularization, we cast feature discriminant analysis into a regression framework which accommodates the correlations among features. As a result, we can evaluate joint feature combinations, rather than being confined to consider them individually. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our feature selection method on standard face data-sets.

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