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Stimulation Speed Boosts Auditory BCI Performance
Johannes Höhne and Michael Tangermann
(2011) Proc. 5th Int. BCI Conf. Graz . Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz .


For most ERP-based BCI paradigms, the stimuli are presented with a predened and constant speed. Based on the idea to boost BCI performance by optimizing the parameters of stimulation, this offline study investigates the impact of the stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) on ERPs and the resulting classication accuracy. Therefore, a simple auditory oddball paradigm was tested in eight SOA conditions. It was found that the binary classication accuracy is not directly correlated to the SOA. A variability within subjects (n=5) was observed, which indicates a potential increase in BCI performance, if the SOA is specied for each subject individually.

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