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Motivation affects performance in a P300-Brain-Computer Interface
S. Kleih, A. Riccio, D. Mattia, Martijn Schreuder, Michael Tangermann, C. Zickler and A. Kübler
Int J Bioelectromagnetism Volume 13, Number 1, pp. 46-47, 2011.


In this study we investigated the effect of motivation on BrainComputer Interface (BCI) performance. We pooled N=90 participants from six different data sets for analysis. The group of the highest motivated participants (N=24) performed significantly better in their BCI task as compared to the least motivated group (N=22). Therefore, we recommend to monitor motivation in BCI settings and to increase it in a training setting.

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Additional Information:This work is supported by the European ICT Programme Project TOBI FP7-224631.
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Subjects:Brain Computer Interfaces
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Deposited On:16 March 2012