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CoSyne: A Framework for Multilingual Content Synchronization of Wikis
Christof Monz, Vivi Nastase, Matteo Negri, Angela Fahrni, Yashar Mehdad and Michael Strube
In: ACM International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration, 1-4 Nov 2011, California, USA.


Wikis allow a large base of contributors easy access to shared content, and freedom in editing it. One of the side-effects of this freedom was the emergence of parallel and indepen- dently evolving versions in a variety of languages, reflecting the multilingual background of the pool of contributors. For the Wiki to properly represent the user-added content, this should be fully available in all its languages. Working on parallel Wikis in several European languages, we investigate the possibility to “synchronize” different language versions of the same document, by: i) pinpointing topically related pieces of information in the different languages, ii) identi- fying information that is missing or less detailed in one of the two versions, iii) translating this in the appropriate lan- guage, iv) inserting it in the appropriate place. Progress along such directions will allow users to share more easily content across language boundaries.

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