PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

iGroup: Weakly supervised image and video grouping
Andrew Gilbert and Richard Bowden
International Conference Computer Vision Volume 1, Number 1, pp. 0-1, 2001.


We present a generic, efficient and iterative algorithm for interactively clustering classes of images and videos. The approach moves away from the use of large hand labelled training datasets, instead allowing the user to find natural groups of similar content based upon a handful of ”seed” examples. Two efficient data mining tools originally developed for text analysis; min-Hash and APriori are used and extended to achieve both speed and scalability on large image and video datasets. Inspired by the Bag-of-Words (BoW) architecture, the idea of an image signature is introduced as a simple descriptor on which nearest neighbour classification can be performed. The image signature is then dynamically expanded to identify common features amongst samples of the same class. The iterative approach uses APriori to identify common and distinctive elements of a small set of labelled true and false positive signatures. These elements are then accentuated in the signature to increase similarity between examples and “pull” positive classes together. By repeating this process, the accuracy of similarity increases dramatically despite only a few training examples, only 10% of the labelled groundtruth is needed, compared to other approaches. It is tested on two image datasets including the caltech101 dataset and on three state-of-the-art action recognition datasets. On the YouTube video dataset the accuracy increases from 72% to 97% using only 44 labelled examples from a dataset of over 1200 videos. The approach is both scalable and ef- ficient, with an iteration on the full YouTube dataset taking around 1 minute on a standard desktop machine.

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