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Search-By-Example in Multilingual Sign Language Databases
Ralph Elliott, Hellen Cooper, John Glauert, Richard Bowden and François Lefebvre-Albaret
In: Second International Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology (SLTAT), Dundee, Scotland(2011).


We describe a prototype Search-by-Example or look-up tool for signs, based on a newly developed 1000-concept sign lexicon for four national sign languages (GSL, DGS, LSF, BSL), which includes a spoken language gloss, a HamNoSys description, and a video for each sign. The look-up tool combines an interactive sign recognition system, supported by Kinect technology, with a real-time sign synthesis system, using a virtual human signer, to present results to the user. The user performs a sign to the system and is presented with animations of signs recognised as similar. The user also has the option to view any of these signs performed in the other three sign languages. We describe the supporting technology and architecture for this system, and present some preliminary evaluation results.

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