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An evaluation of video-to-video face verification
Norman Poh, Chi Ho Chan, Josef Kittler, Sebastien Marcel, Christopher McCool, Enrique Argones Rua, Jose Luis Alba Castro, Mauricio Villegas, Roberto Paredes, Vitomir Struc, Nikola Pavevsic, Albert Ali Salah, Hui Fang and Nicholas Costen
IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security Volume 5, Number 4, pp. 781-801, 2010.


Person recognition using facial features, e.g., mug-shot images, has long been used in identity documents. However, due to the widespread use of web-cams and mobile devices embedded with a camera, it is now possible to realize facial video recognition, rather than resorting to just still images. In fact, facial video recognition offers many advantages over still image recognition; these include the potential of boosting the system accuracy and deterring spoof attacks. This paper presents an evaluation of person identity verification using facial video data, organized in conjunction with the International Conference on Biometrics (ICB 2009). It involves 18 systems submitted by seven academic institutes. These systems provide for a diverse set of assumptions, including feature representation and preprocessing variations, allowing us to assess the effect of adverse conditions, usage of quality information, query selection, and template construction for video-to-video face authentication.

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