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Extending semantic relation classification to presupposition relations between verbs
Galina Tremper and Anette Frank
In: DGfS Workshop: Beyond Semantics: Corpus-based investigations of pragmatic and discourse phenomena, Göttingen, Germany(2011).


In contrast to typical semantic relations between verbs, such as antonymy, synonymy or hyponymy, presupposition is a lexical relation that is not very well covered in existing lexical resources. It is also understudied in the field of corpus-based methods of learning semantic relations. But presupposition is very important for the quality of automatic semantic and discourse analysis tasks. In this paper we present a corpus-based method for learning presupposition relations between verbs, embedded in a discriminative classification approach for fine-grained semantic relations. The focus of the present paper is to discuss methodological aspects of our approach including the choice of resources and data sets, the selection of features for classification, and design decisions regarding the annotation of fine-grained semantic relations between verbs.

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