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Color Names
Robert Benavente, maria Vanrell, Cordelia Schmid, Ramon Baldrich, Jakob Verbeek, Diane Larlus and Joost van de weijer
In: Color in Computer Vision (2011) Wiley .


Within a computer vision context color naming is the action of assigning linguistic color labels to pixels, regions or objects in images. Humans use color names routinely and seemingly without effort to describe the world around us. They have been primarily studied in the fields of visual psychology, anthropology and linguistics [17]. Color names are for example used in the context of image retrieval. A user might query an image search engine for "red cars". The system recognizes the color name "red", and orders the retrieved results on "car" based on their resemblance to the human usage of "red'. Furthermore, knowledge of visual attributes can be used to assist object recognition methods. For example, for an image annotated with the text "Orange stapler on table", knowledge of the color name orange would greatly simplify the task of discovering where (or what) the stapler is. Color names are further applicable in automatic content labelling of images, colorblind assistance, and linguistic human-computer interaction [41].

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