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Parametric Control of Captured Mesh Sequences for Real-time Animation
Dan Casas Guix, Margara Tejera Padilla, Jean-Yves Guillemaut and Adrian Hilton
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7060, pp. 242-253, 2011. ISSN 978-3-642-25089-7


n this paper we introduce an approach to high-level parameterisation of captured mesh sequences of actor performance for real-time interactive animation control. High-level parametric control is achieved by non-linear blending between multiple mesh sequences exhibiting variation in a particular movement. For example walking speed is parameterised by blending fast and slow walk sequences. A hybrid non-linear mesh sequence blending approach is introduced to approximate the natural deformation of non-linear interpolation techniques whilst maintaining the real-time performance of linear mesh blending. Quantitative results show that the hybrid approach gives an accurate real-time approximation of offline non-linear deformation. Results are presented for single and multi-dimensional parametric control of walking (speed/direction), jumping (heigh/distance) and reaching (height) from captured mesh sequences. This approach allows continuous real-time control of high-level parameters such as speed and direction whilst maintaining the natural surface dynamics of captured movement.

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