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RTcams: A New Perspective on Non-Photorealistic Rendering from Photographs
P Hall, John Collomosse, P Shen and Y-Z Song
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) 2007.


We introduce a simple but versatile camera model that we call the Rational Tensor Camera (RTcam). RTcams are well principled mathematically and provably subsume several important contemporary camera models in both Computer Graphics and Vision; their generality is one contribution. They can be used alone, or compounded to produce more complicated visual effects. In this paper we apply RTcams to generate synthetic artwork with novel perspective effects from real photographs. Existing Non-Photorealistic Rendering from Photographs (NPRP) is constrained to the projection inherent in the source photograph, which is most often linear. RTcams lift this restriction and so contribute to NPRP via multi-perspective projection. This paper describes RTcams, compares them to contemporary alternatives, and discusses how to control them in practice. Illustrative examples are provided throughout.

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