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Volumetric 3D Graphics on Commodity Displays using Active Gaze Tracking
Charles Malleson and John Collomosse
In: ICCV Workshops (Computer Vision for Human Computer Interaction), Barcelona(2011).


We present a novel computer vision driven display system enabling 3D scene visualization using standard 2D display hardware and a pair of calibrated web cameras. Our system requires no worn or other special hardware. Rather than producing a depth illusion through disparity, we deliver a full volumetric 3D visualization -- enabling users to interactively explore 3D scenes by varying their viewing position and angle according to the tracked 3D position of their face and eyes. The resulting system operates at real-time speeds with low latency, delivering a compelling natural user interface and immersive experience for 3D viewing.

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Subjects:Machine Vision
User Modelling for Computer Human Interaction
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Deposited By:John Collomosse
Deposited On:30 October 2011