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Use of the Szeged index and the revised Szeged index for measuring network bipartivity
Tomaž Pisanski and Milan Randić
Discrete appl. math. Volume 158, Number 17, pp. 1936-1944, 2010. ISSN 0166-218X


We have revisited the Szeged index (Sz) and the revised Szeged index (Sz*), both of which represent a generalization of the Wiener number to cyclic structures. Unexpectedly we found that the quotient of the two indices offers a novel measure for characterization of the degree of bipartivity of networks, that is, offers a measure of the departure of a network, or a graph, from bipartite networks or bipartite graphs, respectively. This is because the two indices assume the same values for bipartite graphs and different values for non-bipartite graphs. We have proposed therefore the quotient Sz/Sz* as a measure of bipartivity. In this note we report on some properties of the revised Szeged index and the quotient Sz/Sz* illustrated on a number of smaller graphs as models of networks.

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