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Graphical representation of proteins as four-color maps and their numerical characterization
Tomaž Pisanski, Milan Randić, Ketij Mehulić, Damir Vukičević, Dražen Vikić Topić and Dejan Plavšić
J. mol. graph. model. Volume 27, Number 5, pp. 637-641, 2009. ISSN 1093-3263


We put forward a novel compact 2-D graphical representation of proteins based on the concept of virtual genetic code and a four-color map. The novel graphical representation uniquely represents proteins and allows one to easily and quickly visually observe and inspect similarity/dissimilarity between them. It also leads to a novel protein descriptor, a 10-dimensional vector derived from a novel structure matrix S associated with the map. The introduced numerical characterization of proteins is not only useful for their comparative study, but also for cataloguing information on a single protein. The approach is illustrated with the A chain of human insulin and the A chain of human insulin analogue glargine.

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