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Digital model of storage and distribution centre
Alen Orbanic, Iztok Kavkler, Tomaž Perme, Matjaž Novak and Rok Strašek
In: Treći Internacionalni naučno-stručni skup Građevinarstvo - nauka i praksa, 15-19 Feb 2010, Žabljak, Montenegro.


The subject of presented research work is a development of a model for technical and economic optimization of a logistics system. The project is initiated by one of the largest companies in Slovenia which is confronted with the dilemma of building up a new storage distribution centre (SDC) or to find additional capacity by optimizing the exiting SDC. The goal of the project is to describe and analyze the logistic processes, technologies, equipment, labor resources and inventory (goods) in the storage and distribution centre, and to propose measures for operation improvements from technical end economic point of view. The results of the project can be used also in the case of building up a new storage and distribution centre. In the particular case the storage and distribution centre is a warehouse which is stocked with bulk products (goods) to be re-distributed to the internal (approximately 400 own shops) and external customers (retailers). The project started with initial analysis with a goal to obtain basic data about structure, processes and also dynamic behaviour of the system. The results and conclusions from initial analyses appointed us to build a simulation model of storage and distribution centre that allows more detailed analysis of the system operation, obtaining technical efficiency under different constraints, identification of the potentials for optimization, and verifying effectiveness and justification of proposed improving measures. In the paper initial considerations and theoretical backgrounds of the project initiation as well as research activities and results from the present state of the project are presented.

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