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Development of a practical tool for road logistics research in Slovenia
Alen Orbanic, Iztok Kavkler, Tomaž Perme, Matjaž Novak and Rok Strašek
In: Treći Internacionalni naučno-stručni skup Građevinarstvo - nauka i praksa, 15-19 Feb 2010, Žabljak, Montenegro.


Transportation costs present significant component in the overall costs of modern companies. Huge effort has been invested in cutting transport costs via computer optimization of vehicle routing. Abstractly, the task is known as the vehicle routing problem (VRP) and there exist many algorithms for approximate solutions, with various tradeoffs. However, putting it in practice presents a number of additional difficulties, from obtaining road network information, gathering data about shipments and packaging to efficient coding of algorithms. In this paper we present the development of a transport routing application for a distribution centre in Slovenia.

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