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A model for technical optimisation of the distribution centre
Alen Orbanic, Iztok Kavkler, Tomaž Perme, Matjaž Novak and Rok Strašek
In: MOTSP 2010 : Management of technology step to sustainable production, 2-4 June 2010, Rovinj, Croatia.


Distribution centres are one of the main subfields of today’s logistics and important part of local or global supply chain. They remain essential part of goods flow from suppliers to consumers, although the supply chain management according to lean principles tends to operate without or with minimal warehousing. Therefore the efficient management and optimization of distribution centres are indispensable tools for operation improvement with the aim of reducing handling and operating costs, increasing distribution accuracy, and getting the goods to the customer faster. This issue is aware of one of the largest companies in Slovenia which initiated a project for optimisation of logistic system (L7-0242 – A Model for Technical and Economic Optimization of a Logistics System financed by Slovenian Research Agency ARRS). The presented research work is a part of that project. Its goal is to describe and analyze the logistic processes, technologies, equipment, labor resources and inventory (goods) in the storage and distribution centre, and to propose measures for operation improvements. In the proposed paper the model for the evaluation of different ideas of technical improvements in the distribution centres is going to be presented. The significant part will be dedicated to the simulation and obtaining the key performance indicators that can give management the qualitative view on usefulness and efficiency of proposed improvements before their implementation.

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