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Map operations and k-orbit maps
Alen Orbanic, Daniel Pellicer and Asia Ivić Weiss
J. comb. theory. Ser. A Volume 117, Number 4, pp. 411-429, 2010. ISSN 0097-3165


A k-orbit map is a map with k flag-orbits under the action of its automorphism group. We give a basic theory of k-orbit maps and classify them up to kless-than-or-equals, slant4. “Hurwitz-like” upper bounds for the cardinality of the automorphism groups of 2-orbit and 3-orbit maps on surfaces are given. Furthermore, we consider effects of operations like medial and truncation on k-orbit maps and use them in classifying 2-orbit and 3-orbit maps on surfaces of small genus.

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