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Network analysis of works on clustering and classification from web of science
Vladimir Batagelj, Nataša Kejžar and Simona Korenjak-Černe
In: IFCS 2009 : 11th Conference of the International Federation of Classification Societies; 33rd annual conference of the German Classification Society, 13-18 March 2009, Dresden, Germany.


Web of Science (WoS) is a database that provides information about current and past articles published in over 10,000 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world from year 1970 on. A file with full information - records about selected articles - can be downloaded and further analyzed. We collected from WoS complete records on articles from Journal of Classification, articles citing these articles, and articles in WoS cited by them at least 10 times. A special program WoS2Pajek was developed for converting such data into Pajek network files. The citation network between articles, networks of articles x authors, articles x keywords, articles x journals, and the partition according to year were obtained from the data. These networks were analyzed in order to identify the most important authors, works, and topics that have been involved in the field in the last decades.

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