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A model for oversize cargo transportation optimization
Boris Horvat, Tomaž Pisanski, Primož Lukšic, Andrej Berčič, Štefan Novak and Marino Medeot
In: TRA, Transport Research Arena Europe 2008, 21-24 Apr 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenija.


The system for transportation of non-standard cargo, (e.g. oversized, overweight, etc. cargo transportation) is presented. In the first part the existing regulations and procedures concerning oversize cargo transportation are mentioned. In the second part a model for non-standard cargo transportation is proposed. The problem of optimal routing from source to target of a given cargo with specified characteristics is considered. Alternative paths are compared with respect to selected criteria (time, cost, safety, comfort, etc.). It is assumed that each road segment carries information about capacities, e.g. maximum height, width, length, weight, axel loading, degree of hazard, etc. as well as other possible constraints (e.g. time windows - forbidden travel hours) in form of an n-dimensional vector. When no immediate solution is possible, the capacity of each component may be increased by some known cost. The model enables automatic selection of the optimal route for the transportation of a nonstandard cargo in such a way that overall costs are minimized. It also proposes the required modifications of road segments in order to increase their capacities appropriately. Standard regulations and procedures are incorporated into the proposed model. The model may be generalized by combining the different modes of transportation. For instance, the journey may combine transportation by sea, road and railway.

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