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Blocked inference in Bayesian tree substitution grammars
Trevor Cohn and Phil Blunsom
In: ACL 2010 Short paper track, 11-16 Jul 2010, Uppsala, Sweden.


Learning a tree substitution grammar is very challenging due to derivational ambiguity. Our recent approach used a Bayesian non-parametric model to induce good derivations from treebanked input (Cohn et al., 2009), biasing towards small grammars composed of small generalisable productions. In this paper we present a novel training method for the model using a blocked Metropolis-Hastings sampler in place of the previous method’s local Gibbs sampler. The blocked sampler makes considerably larger moves than the local sampler and consequently converges in less time. A core component of the algorithm is a grammar transformation which represents an infinite tree substitution grammar in a finite context free grammar. This enables efficient blocked inference for training and also improves the parsing algorithm. Both algorithms are shown to improve parsing accuracy.

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