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Gradient Field Descriptor for Sketch based Retrieval and Localization
H Rui, Mark Barnard and J Collomosse
In: In Proceedings of Intl. Conf. on Image Proc. (ICIP), 21 Sept 2010, Hong Kong.


We present an image retrieval system driven by free-hand sketched queries depicting shape. We introduce Gradient Field HoG (GF-HOG) as a depiction invariant image descriptor, encapsulating local spatial structure in the sketch and facilitating efficient codebook based retrieval. We show improved retrieval accuracy over 3 leading descriptors (Self Similarity, SIFT, HoG) across two datasets (Flickr160, ETHZ extended objects), and explain how GF-HOG can be combined with RANSAC to localize sketched objects within relevant images. We also demonstrate a prototype sketch driven photo montage application based on our system.

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Subjects:Machine Vision
Information Retrieval & Textual Information Access
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Deposited On:18 April 2011