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Enhancing recognition of visual concepts with primitive color histograms via non-sparse multiple kernel learning
Alexander Binder and Motoaki Kawanabe
In: Multilingual Information Access Evaluation II - Multimedia Experiments Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 6242 . (2010) Springer , Heidelberg, Germany , pp. 269-276.


In order to achieve good performance in image annotation tasks, it is necessary to combine information from various image features. In recent competitions on photo annotation, many groups employed the bag-of-words (BoW) representations based on the SIFT descriptors over various color channels. In fact, it has been observed that adding other less informative features to the standard BoW degrades recognition performances. In this contribution, we will show that even primitive color histograms can enhance the standard classifiers in the ImageCLEF 2009 photo annotation task, if the feature weights are tuned optimally by non-sparse multiple kernel learning (MKL) proposed by Kloft et al.. Additionally, we will propose a sorting scheme of image subregions to deal with spatial variability within each visual concept.

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