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Pyff---A Platform-Independent Open-Source Feedback Framework for BCI Systems
Bastian Venthur and Benjamin Blankertz
In: BCI Meeting 2010, May 2010, Monterey, California, USA.


Pyff is a platform independent, open source framework for the development of BCI stimulus and feed- back applications in Python. The motivation for this framework is to make the development of those applications as easy and fast as possible. We chose Python because is easy to learn even for inexperi- enced programmers and provides many bindings to external libraries for high quality graphics and sound. Thus, Pyff provides a good compromise between flexibility and high performance on one side and small programming effort for applications on the other. Pyff is written for, but not limited to BCI applications. Due it’s generic nature, it is also suited for arbitrary psychophysical experiments. We believe that a standard platform for BCI feedback application will foster a vivid exchange of ap- plications between different BCI groups. Furthermore, it allows an easy reproducibility of psychophysical experiments, if authors provide the code of their stimulus presentation.

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