PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Spectra of Modular and Small-World Matrices
Reimer Kuehn and Jort M van Mourik
Journal of Physics A Volume 44, 2011.


We compute spectra of symmetric random matrices describing graphs with {\em general\/} modular structure and arbitrary inter- and intra-module degree distributions, subject only to the constraint of finite mean connectivities. We also evaluate spectra of a certain class of small-world matrices generated from random graphs by introducing short-cuts via additional random connectivity components. Both adjacency matrices and the associated graph Laplacians are investigated. For the Laplacians, we find Lifshitz type singular behaviour of the spectral density in a localised region of small $|\lambda|$ values. In the case of modular networks, we can identify contributions local densities of state from individual modules. For small-world networks, we find that the introduction of short cuts can lead to the creation of satellite bands outside the central band of extended states, exhibiting only localised states in the band-gaps. Results for the ensemble in the thermodynamic limit are in excellent agreement with those obtained via a cavity approach for large finite single instances, and with direct diagonalisation results.

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Deposited On:17 March 2011