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Fast Discovery of Reliable Subnetworks
Petteri Hintsanen, Hannu Toivonen and Petteri Sevon
In: International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), Aug 2010, Odense, Denmark.


We present a novel and efficient algorithm, PATH COVERING, for solving the most reliable subgraph problem. A reliable subgraph gives a concise summary of the connectivity between two given individuals in a social network. Formally, the given network is seen as a Bernoulli random graph G, and the objective is to find a subgraph H ⊂ G with at most B edges such that the probability that a path exists in H between the given two individuals is maximized. The algorithm is based on an efficient stochastic search of candidate paths, and the use of Monte-Carlo simulation to cast the problem as a set cover problem. Experimental evaluation on real graphs derived from DBLP bibliography database indicates superior performance of the proposed algorithm.

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