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tigre: Transcription factor Inference through Gaussian process Reconstruction of Expression for Bioconductor
Antti Honkela, Pei Gao, Jonatan Ropponen, Magnus Rattray and Neil Lawrence
Bioinformatics Volume 27, Number 7, pp. 1026-1027, 2011. ISSN 1367-4803


Summary: tigre is an R/Bioconductor package for inference of transcription factor activity and ranking candidate target genes from gene expression time series. The underlying methodology is based on Gaussian process inference on a differential equation model that allows the use of short, unevenly sampled, time series. The method has been designed with efficient parallel implementation in mind, and the package supports parallel operation even without additional software. Availability: The tigre package is included in Bioconductor since release 2.6 for R 2.11. The package and a user's guide are available at

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