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Ontology extension towards analysis of business news
Inna Novalija and Dunja Mladenić
Informatica Volume 34, Number 3, pp. 517-522, 2010.


This paper addresses the process of the ontology extension for a selected domain of interest which is defined by keywords and a glossary of relevant terms with descriptions. A new methodology for semiautomatic ontology extension, aggregating the elements of text mining and user-dialog approaches for ontology extension, is proposed and evaluated. We conduct a set of ranking, tagging and illustrative question answering experiments using Cyc ontology and business news collection. We evaluate the importance of using the textual content and structure of the ontology concept in the process of ontology extension. The experiments show that the best results are obtained with giving more to weight to ontology concept content and less weight to ontology concept structure.

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Information Retrieval & Textual Information Access
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