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The GIDOC prototype
Nicolás Serrano, Lionel Taranzón, Daniel Pérez, Oriol Ramos Terrades and Alfons Juan
In: PRIS 2010, June 8-9, Funchal, Portugal.


Transcription of handwritten text in (old) documents is an important, time-consuming task for digital libraries. In this paper, an efficient interactive- predictive transcription prototype called GIDOC (Gimp-based Interactive transcription of old text DOCuments) is presented. GIDOC is a first attempt to pro- vide integrated support for interactive-predictive page layout analysis, text line detection and handwritten text transcription. It is based on GIMP and uses advanced techniques and tools for language and handwritten text modelling. Results are given on a real transcription task on a 764-page Spanish manuscript from 1891

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Natural Language Processing
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