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Shape and refractive index recovery from single-view polarisation images
Cong Phuoc Huynh, Antonio Robles-Kelly and Edwin Hancock
In: CVPR 2010, 13-18 June 2010, San Francisco, USA.


In this paper, we propose an approach to the problem of simultaneous shape and refractive index recovery from multispectral polarisation imagery captured from a single viewpoint. The focus of this paper is on dielectric surfaces which diffusely polarise light transmitted from the dielectric body into the air. The diffuse polarisation of the reflection process is modelled using a Transmitted Radiance Sinusoid curve and the Fresnel transmission theory. We provide a method of estimating the azimuth angle of surface normals from the spectral variation of the phase of polarisation. Moreover, to render the problem of simultaneous estimation of surface orientation and index of refraction well-posed, we enforce a generative model on the material dispersion equations for the index of refraction. This generative model, together with the Fresnel transmission ratio, permit the recovery of the index of refraction and the zenith angle simultaneously. We show results on shape recovery and rendering for real world and synthetic imagery.

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