PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Integrated motor control, planning, grasping and high-level reasoning in a blocks world using probabilistic inference
Marc Toussaint, Nils Plath, Tobias Lang and Nikolay Jetchev
In: ICRA 2010, 3-8 May 2010, Anchorage, Alaska.


A new approach to planning and goal-directed behavior has recently been proposed using probabilistic inference in a graphical model that represents states, actions, constraints and goals of the future to infer appropriate actions and controls. The approach has led to new algorithms on the control and trajectory optimization level as well as for high-level rule-based planning in relational domains. In this paper we integrate these methods to a coherent control, trajectory optimization, and action planning architecture, using the principle of planning by inference across all levels of abstractions. Our scenario is a real blocks world: using a 14DoF Schunk arm and hand with tactile sensors and a stereo camera, the goal is to manipulate a set of objects on the table in a goal-oriented way. For highlevel reasoning, we learn relational rule-based models from experience in simulation.

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