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Harmonic and Instrumental Information Fusion for Musical Genre Classification
Tomás Pérez-García, Carlos Pérez-Sancho and José Iñesta
In: Proceedings of 3rd international workshop on Machine learning and music (2010) ACM , USA , pp. 49-52. ISBN 978-1-4503-0161-9


This paper presents a musical genre classification system based on the combination of two kinds of information of very different nature: the instrumentation information contained in a MIDI file (metadata) and the chords that provide the harmonic structure of the musical score stored in that file (content). The fusion of these two information sources gives a single feature vector that represents the file and to which classification techniques usually utilized for text categorization tasks are applied. The classification task is performed under a probabilistic approach that has improved the results previously obtained for the same data using the instrumen- tal or the chord information independently.

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