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Oriented networks design problem.
Jerome Galtier, Igor Pesek, Katja Prnaver and Janez Žerovnik
J. inf. sci. eng. Volume 26, Number 4, pp. 1231-1242, 2010.


The design of interconnection networks is very popular in computer science. In this paper we introduce a novel problem, the design of oriented networks. The underlying structure of such networks is a directed graph with weights on the arcs, which are the number of paths of the routing that traverse the arc. The cost of a network with a routing is defined as a sum of arc costs that are computed with concave increasing cost function depending on weights over directed arcs. The objective is to find the routing that is optimal in terms of costs. The corresponding minimization problem is approached with a local search type heuristics. New local search neighborhood is defined and analyzed.

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