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Exploring New Horizons in Evolutionary Design of Robots
Stephane Doncieux, Jean-Baptiste Mouret and Nicolas Bredeche
In: IROS 2009 Workshop on Exploring new horizons in Evolutionary Design of Robots, Oct 2009, USA.


* This introduction paper to the 2009 IROS workshop “Exploring new horizons in Evolutionary Design of Robots” considers the field of Evolutionary Robotics (ER) from the perspective of its potential users: roboticists. The core hypothesis motivating this field of research will be discussed, as well as the potential use of ER in a robot design process. Three main aspects of ER will be presented: (a) ER as an automatic parameter tuning procedure, which is the most mature application and is used to solve real robotics problem, (b) evolutionary-aided design, which may benefit the designer as an efficient tool to build robotic systems and (c) automatic synthesis, which corresponds to the automatic design of a mechatronic device. Critical issues will also be presented as well as current trends and pespectives in ER.

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