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CycSim - an online genome-scale metabolic model simulator and browser, integrated with pathways databases
François Le Fèvre, Serge Smidtas, Cyril Combe, Maxime Durot, Florence d'Alché-Buc and Vincent Schächter
Bioinformatics Volume 25, Number 15, pp. 1987-1989, 2009.


CycSim is a web-based application dedicated to analyses with genome-scale metabolic models coupled to the exploration of knowledge from BioCyc and KEGG. Specifically, CycSim supports the design of knockout experiments: simulation of growth phenotypes of single or multiple gene deletions mutants on specified media, comparison of these predictions with experimental phenotypes, and direct visualization of both on metabolic maps. The web interface is designed for simplicity, putting constraint-based modeling techniques within easier reach of biologists. CycSim also functions as an online repository of constraint-based models devoted to metabolic networks and can be used to produce training data for metabolic network inference methods

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Additional Information:CycSim implements constraints-based methods for modeling metabolic networks.
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