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3D-assisted facial texture super-resolution
Pouria Mortazavian, Josef Kittler and William Christmas
In: British Machine Vision Conference, Sep 2009, UK.


In this paper we propose a new framework for super-resolving facial images under arbitrary pose. While example-based super-resolution methods have demonstrated impressive results for face super-resolution under given pose and imaging conditions, they have limitations dealing with different poses and illuminations. Due to these limitations their application to face super-resolution in generalized situations is either impractical or sub-optimal. The proposed framework utilizes a 3D morphable face model in order to address the problem of face super-resolution under arbitrary pose. This framework does not assume any pre-defined pose for the subject thus it can be readily applied to any pose. The main contribution of this work is defining a framework in which a 3D morphable model can be used in conjunction with any of the example-based super-resolution methods. Experimental results prove the potential power of this method in face superresolution and its application to face recognition.

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