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Creating Diverse Nearest Neighbour Ensembles using Simultaneous Metaheuristic Feature Selection
Muhammad Tahir and James Smith
Pattern Recognition Letters 2010.


Feature selection and feature weighting are useful techniques for improving the classification accuracy of K-nearest-neighbor (K-NN) rule. The term feature selection refers to algorithms that select the best subset of the input feature set. In feature weighting, each feature is multiplied by a weight value proportional to the ability of the feature to distinguish pattern classes. In this paper, a novel hybrid approach is proposed for simultaneous feature selection and feature weighting of K-NN rule based on Tabu Search (TS) heuristic. The proposed TS heuristic in combination with K-NN classifier is compared with several classifiers on various available data sets. The results have indicated a significant improvement in the performance in classification accuracy. The proposed TS heuristic is also compared with various feature selection algorithms. Experiments performed revealed that the proposed hybrid TS heuristic is superior to both simple TS and sequential search algorithms. We also present results for the classification of prostate cancer using multispectral images, an important problem in biomedicine.

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Deposited On:08 March 2010