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The Support Vector Tree
Antti Ukkonen
In: Ukkonen Festschrift 2010 (working title) (2010) Springer .


Kernel based methods, such as nonlinear support vector machines, have a high classification accuracy in many applications. But classification using these methods can be slow if the kernel function is complex and if it has to be evaluated many times. Existing solutions to this problem try to find a representation of the decision surface in terms of only a few basis vectors, so that only a small number of kernel evaluations is needed. However, in all of these methods the set of basis vectors used is independent of the example to be classified. In this paper we propose to adaptively select a small number of basis vectors given an unseen example. The set of basis vectors is thus not fixed, but it depends on the input to the classifier. Our approach is to first learn a non-sparse kernel machine using some existing techique, and then using training data to find a function that maps unseen examples to subsets of the basis vectors used by theis kernel machine. We propose to represent this function as a binary tree, called a support vector tree, and devise a greedy algorithm for finding good trees. In the experiments we observe that the proposed approach outperforms existing techniques in a number of cases.

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