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GaZIR: gaze-based zooming interface for image retrieval
Laszlo Kozma, Arto Klami and Samuel Kaski
In: ICMI-MLMI 2009, 2-6 Nov 2009, Cambridge, MA, USA.


We introduce GaZIR, a gaze-based interface for browsing and searching for images. The system computes on-line predictions of relevance of images based on implicit feedback, and when the user zooms in, the images predicted to be the most relevant are brought out. The key novelty is that the relevance feedback is inferred from implicit cues obtained in real-time from the gaze pattern, using an estimator learned during a separate training phase. The natural zooming interface can be connected to any content-based information retrieval engine operating on user feedback. We show with experiments on one engine that there is sufficient amount of information in the gaze patterns to make the estimated relevance feedback a viable choice to complement or even replace explicit feedback by pointing-and-clicking.

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Information Retrieval & Textual Information Access
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